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When most agencies would charge at least $1,000 for such and in-depth audit, we charge nothing. 
We want to fully understand the building blocks of your brand and the current position before becoming your long term growth partner.
Who is the audit for?
In a nutshell our audit is for you if you own E-commerce brand and are struggling to scale or even break even using Facebook and Instagram ads. If the impact of IOS-14 hasn’t been something you have taken kindly to and you are looking for a long term solution to the problem, then our audit is the first step to solving it. This is entirely FREE OF CHARGE, Before paying us a thing we want to take a deep dive into the real reasons behind current limited profitability. 

Why do we do it?

Understanding the fundamentals of a brand is KEY when it comes to finding success. Our team takes a deep dive into ALL the current building blocks of revenue that impact your brand (not just directly through social), which allows us to be PIN POINT ACCURATE when it comes to calculating our expectations of ROAS. 

How does it work? 

Step 1 – We book an initial call to go over the business in it’s current state. Talk about the goals of the business and current financial figures. Offer initial advice on marketing as a whole and really get a feel for the current position. After this we sort access to the analytics of the website and ads manager. 

Step 2 – Our team take a deep dive into all the areas of the current marketing set up on Facebook and Instagram. We review everything from account creative/copy to current processes. In order to get a full understanding we analyse every part of the customer journey. Looking at they key figures of where we currently stand and what our team can bring, this allows us to give an honest expectation of the ROAS we would expect. 

Step 3 – We get on a strategy call and go over absolutely everything that we think could possibly be hindering the business and tell you if we think it is a good fit to work together. If we don’t think we are able to help you scale we tell you straight up then hand you all the resources you need to help along on your journey (you are more than welcome to take the audit even if we do not move forward).

Step 4 – Once everything has been agreed upon you will receive a contract then our team will start work. We will begin creating/sourcing new creatives and start work in the ad account, setting month 1 in play.